CLUE expands its mandate

At a meeting of its Board of Directors on January 18, CLUE voted to update its mandate:

The Vision of CLUE is to nurture a Canadian Information Technology environment which promotes collaborative innovation as well as open standards and the rights of consumers.

The Mission of CLUE is to promote the use and development of free, open source software, by providing a public voice to the community of its Canadian users, developers and supporters. CLUE will enhance this community's ability to share resources, define standards, and promote its values within Canadian society.

Sony Hit With Canadian Class Action Suits

Sony Hit With Canadian Class Action Suits - With Sony slated to appear in a New York courtroom on Friday to seek approval for its class action settlement for the rootkit fiasco, its Canadian arm is now facing several Canadian class action suits.  The Merchant Law Firm, based in Calgary, launched class action suits in both the Ontario and B.C. courts yesterday (Ontario brief, B.C. brief).  This follows a less-publicized class action launched in Quebec against Sony last November.  All of these cases arise from the rootkit issue. The briefs make for interesting reading as the Canadian cases raise a long list of legal issues including the violation of Canadian privacy law, breach of contract, violation of the Competition Act, and a host of tort claims.

Open Source and the Canadian Election

Open Source and the Canadian Election - As most Canadians know at this time, we're in the middle of an election campaign, the vote is January 23.

I don't know whether you consider open source to important enough of a public policy matter to make it an election issue, but consider this: The Green Party actually has as specific policy the goal to:

Require federal departments and agencies to transition to open source or free software for general applications, and provide free tech support to Canadian companies who also use this software.

Cleaning Up Copyright

Cleaning Up Copyright - With both prospective Canadian Heritage Ministers accepting copyright
lobby cash (see The Sad Reality of Copyright Policy In Canada, Campaign Contributions, Tipping Point, That's What Friends Are For) and the funders making it clear that they are in the market for more (see Business As Usual), it is time to clean up copyright in Canada.  The election campaign provides the perfect time to do so.  The short term solution
is obvious - Bulte should cancel the January 19th fundraiser and apologize to her constituents and the Canadian public.

Why UserFriendly went private again

Why UserFriendly went private again - For many in the computer industry, the UserFriendly comic strip is the first Web page they open in the morning. However, only its most loyal readers are aware that, over the past five years, the company behind the cartoon has wandered into the public equity market, only to return to the status of a private company. Recently, I talked about this journey with JD Frazer, the creator of the strip, and David Barton, vice president of Their account is a practical lesson in the difficulties involved in such business maneuvers -- to say nothing of a testimony to their collective ability to keep their business, ethics, and audience intact. [Newsforge]

Signatures to the Petition for Users' Rights still needed...

Signatures to the Petition for Users' Rights still needed... - Today I received 8 signatures for the Petition for Users' Rights from Waterloo, Ontario. It is important that we continue to collect signatures and have them tabled in the new parliament. Some of the people will be new, and we need to ensure that they are aware that, contrary to the misinformation in press releases, that Canadians (including Canadian creators) are not behind the extreme views of the Canadian branch plants of foreign intermediaries like CIRA and CAAST.

Who's in charge of these user groups anyway?

Who's in charge of these user groups anyway? - They may be powered by passion and a love for technology, but it's often the vendors that keep these organizations alive. We talk to leaders about how they deal with the conflict of interest issues. Also: Are LUGs immune? []

Canadian open source community association looks beyond Linux

Canadian open source community association looks beyond Linux - CLUE relaunches to tackle social policies around technology choices []

CLUE relaunched!

Happy New Year everyone. Just before the New Year, CLUE quietly flipped the switch on our new Drupal based website; we hope you like it. The switch to a Content Management System will allow for the addition of content in a more timely manner than previously experienced.

With the website update also comes a significant expansion of the focus of CLUE. While CLUE was founded as a National Linux User Group of sorts, providing use of the domain name to Linux users etc., CLUE will now encompass embrace the broader community that is Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) in Canada.