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Who's in charge of these user groups anyway?

Who's in charge of these user groups anyway? - They may be powered by passion and a love for technology, but it's often the vendors that keep these organizations alive. We talk to leaders about how they deal with the conflict of interest issues. Also: Are LUGs immune? [ITBusiness.ca]

Do LUGs still matter?

Do LUGs still matter? - Commentary -- There is no question that LUGs -- Linux User Groups -- have been important to the rapid growth and adoption of Linux. In the early years, a typical LUG brought together early adopters from every walk of life who had a missionary zeal for Linux. Today, most members are IT professionals. Given that, I wonder, do LUGs matter any longer? [Newsforge]

Canadian Open Source User Groups

Linux User Groups (LUGs) provide the opportunity for Linux users to come together and arrange local events, including "Install Fests" (assisting new users to install and configure Linux on their computers) and demonstrations of new hardware and software products.
A full list of Canada's more than 120 open source user groups can be searched at www.cluecan.ca/group-list