[discuss] Is your software free, open or litigated?

Sorry to be doing so much media analysis, but I believe it is
interesting to see how this story is evolving and is managing to get to
the software patent issue.


[discuss] nice comic strip about DRM "built-in"


"let's revisit this when you next ask mike or greg to upgrade your CPU and motherboard in your home machine"


[discuss] ITWorld Canada: Microsoft-Novell deal spells death knell for Open Source?


Notes to CLUE members reading this:

I did try to explain the difference between software patents (the vast

[discuss] Other shoe on Microsoft patent deal drops.

For clarity: I'm writing this not as the policy coordinator for CLUE but
as a concerned member of the FLOSS community. It may be safe to say that
CLUE and our members are opposed to software patents, but I don't think

[discuss] Novell and Microsoft deal: Some of the better discussion.

I'm wanting to point to a few articles people should be reading about
the Novell/Microsoft deal.

Microsoft partners with Novell on open source issues

[discuss] Markbook update :-(

Well, unfortunately, Markbook has been purchased for my school, (and
apparently several others in the TDSB). The continued and increasing
waste of taxpayers money continues unabaited, while curriculum needs

[discuss] Ontario adopting "Microsoft" identity system?

forum http://www.cluecan.ca/lists , so replies will not be duplicated or

Please see: Identity is the new privacy: Privacy-Embedded Laws of Identity

[discuss] Reply to Barry Sookman's Hill Times OpEd


I sent the following as a letter to the editor of the Hill Times.
Unfortunately Mr. Sookman's article is not available on the Web, but
only to subscribers (I am a subscriber).

NewTlug meeting that may be of interest

If you can come, the New Toronto Linux User Group meeting tonight reviews OpenOffice.org 2.0.4 new features and introduces what is coming in 2.1 plus other topics by our own Evan Leibovitch and Matt Rice.