[discuss] Just how fast is Open Source spreading?

I'm not terribly strong on social science, but I am curious if there
is a way to measure just how fast Open Source concepts are spreading
throughout the world?

The reason I ask, is that I've come across (ok, well Google Alerts for

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[discuss] Heads Up!!

Our government is at it again. Please see
G. Roderick Singleton
PATH tech

[discuss] May GOSLING use this list for "Canada wide" discussions?

The Ottawa chapter of GOSLING http://www.goslingcommunity.org/ is
currently discussing some list reorganization of mailing lists, given
the Ottawa chapter list is growing. The list has become a mixture of

[discuss] Readers weigh in on . . . Pity the lab that shuts down

More letters to ITBusiness.ca about the Linux lab!


Everyone is in agreement that the Lab should not be shut down. The
board may be getting more feedback as well, which means that those in each

[discuss] [Fwd: Protecting property rights in a digital world.]

The following letter may be of interest to the list participants.

If you follow-up, I encourage you to do so via the CLUE general
discussion list so that we can all benefit from the discussion.

Installfest in Edmonton September 15 and 16, 2006

Liberating Students Digitally, an open source software advocate and user group at the University of Alberta, will be holding our third annual Fall Installfest on September 15 and 16, 2006. This year's 'fest will take place in the first-floor common area of the Computing Science Centre, a space provided by our partners for the installfest, the Undergraudate Association of Computing Science.

[discuss] improving linux for special ed students

Interestingly, I had begun to work on some voice recognition
programming for special education students, but once again, due to
politics, this computer was also dismantled. A deliberate attempt to

[discuss] linux in education thread

> I hear what you are saying, but without other staff from the same
> school backing this up then it becomes a matter of your word against
> someone elses. The superintendent was already told something quite