[discuss] "Not all OS stories have happy endings"


A peculiar argumentation...

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[discuss] 2006: The year the FSF reached out to the community

Bruce Byfield has a great article at
http://community.linux.com/community/06/12/21/2018224.shtml about some
of the transformations at the FSF over 2006.

We saw a similar transformation with CLUE. Before 2006 the focus was

[discuss] Getting Vista to work with Samba

I expect that in the new year many network admins will be running into
this, so I wanted to forward this LinuxWatch article.


There are many disk "appliances" that have Linux and Samba inside, so

[discuss] Our petitions compared to other petitions...

I often listen to CPAC in the background, and I have been amazed at how
many people have been signing certain petitions. The one I most often
hear are petitions to "restore" what petitioners call the "traditional

mailing list gateway check

just a quick message to check that the gateway to the mailing list is workiing.

[discuss] [Fwd: Open door policy]

This is a letter in reply to:

We are going to need a strategy to educate people, especially
governments, on the differences between the OpenDocument format (Content

How Vista Lets Microsoft Lock Users In - News by InformationWeek

Interesting I think to CLUE


Tech and Sec - October 2006 an interesting blog entry

I think that the following addresses some of the problem we have with
our politicians and the surrounding bureaucracy.


French MPs dump Windows for Linux

I believe the article at the following link will be of interest to CLUE. Now if only our various levels of government were so proactive.