[discuss] Some fun with LPI [was LPIC-3 Job Task Analysis has started]

Hi everyone,

In case you weren't aware, the Linux Professional Institute has been working
on the level 3 certification for Linux professionals. There's a survey for
anyone that is interested to help determine the relative importance of the

[discuss] Hacking anti-circumvention legislation.

I read an article this morning:

New software promises to unlock iPod, iTunes

"He imitated Apple's system; he didn't remove any copyright

[discuss] First draft of Copyright-related Policy summary for CLUE

I am looking for feedback form our members and supporters. I am meeting
with Patricia Neri (Director General, Copyright Policy Branch, Canadian
Heritage) on Thursday and want to have a policy summary as one of the

[discuss] [Fwd: "Pirated" software is so hard to detect that even CAAST gets it wrong..]

This was a letter in reply to

It would be great if all our members were sending similar letters to

[discuss] Anyone live in the riding of Halton, Ontario?

Does anyone live in, or know people in the riding of Halton, Ontario?

I'm interested in trying to get Garth Turner interested in our
copyright/etc related issues. He has recently posted an article about Net

[discuss] Free software still legal - US appeals court judge on behalf of 3-judge panel.

Free software still legal - judge

".....Wallace filed an action against IBM, Novell and Red Hat alleging
that the companies' distribution of Linux under the GNU General Public

[discuss] Linux/Scripting survey

Andrew Solomon writes:
> hi Matthew
> As a first step toward figuring out what we should test,
> using Linuxgym I'm running this survey:
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=743662789831

[discuss] Windows Refund 2.0

I am not a huge fan of Windows refund activism, as it require too much
energy for what it bring back to FOSS (IMHO). However, I certainly
applaude those that show the perseverance to go through it and actually

[discuss] Adobe to donate script code to Mozilla

I just read:

I am wondering if anyone is closer to this development team and has more
details. I find this surprising given Adobe hasn't historically been any