IptablesWeb 2.0 released

IptablesWeb is a free software (under GPL licence): it allow to inspect iptables logs , to receive email and alert using a web browser.
It's a plugin-based multilanguage and multiuser software written in PHP.

The features:
* Core based (IptablesWeb core)
* Plugin based: increases software potentiality and modularity
* Multilanguage
* Multiuser: guest, user and admin account
* Accounts belong to different groups
* Each plugin can be duplicated in different blocks, each one with its own independent properties
* Security: IptablesWeb is protected by htaccess and regular expression

[discuss] Site will be off-line for a critical upgrade today

G. Roderick Singleton wrote:

>I am not certain about every aspect of the upgraded instance. For
>example, the forum gateway has not been well tested.
I see that the first message in any thread propagates fine from the
discuss mailing list to the Drupal forum area. Followup messages (such
as this one) don't seem to make it, though.

Then again, it doesn't look like Forum messages on the website allow
comments/threads, which may be the cause of this particular buglet.

- Evan

discuss mailing list

[discuss] don't use lengthy text strings for displayed links please

I'm forwarding this once to all of our lists, as some bloggers may
only be on the Discuss list. Please reply only on the discuss list.

When posting or blogging content on the CLUE site, note that if you
use a long text string between anchor tags, it will freeze the
collapseable center column at the width of that the text string. This
is not actually an error, however, it causes grief when viewing the
site to those who may not have a large browser window, who have a
small monitor, etc. In any regards, it's just bad practice to use
huge text strings for links anyway.

I recently committed this very offense when I blogged content from

[discuss] Site will be off-line for a critical upgrade today

There is a critical upgrade required for our drupal installation. This
message is fair warning that during the upgrade the site will have to be
shutdown. At the same time, we will also attempt to correct whatever
was done to the frontpage node of cluecan.ca so that it again will
adjust the centre column for various sizes of browser displays. If any
of you know the secret to correcting this an email will be appreciated.
G. Roderick Singleton
PATH tech

[discuss] Defective by design

I'm curious to know what people think of this morning's stunt by the FSF,
The ZDNet article talking about it helps bring attention to the
relationship between opne source and the fight against DRM:


Is this group and its tactics something that CLUE should support or even

- Evan
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The Code Breakers: F/OSS as the Bridge over the Digital Divide?

If anyone is interested, on BBC World today begins a 2 part series entitled "The Code Breakers". It airs 4 times this week and Part 2 airs four times next week. Here's the BBC World site blurb:

"For years Microsoft has dominated the world of computing, but its software is beyond the reach of many in the developing nations. This 2-part series investigates that the poorest countries are now changing tack and using Free/Open Source Software (FOSS)."

All information and times can be found here:


[discuss] one more try

another post to mailing list. this should propagate to drupal forum.
discuss mailing list

Test from Drupal

This is a post from the Drupal interface. Let's see if it propagates out to the mailing list.

Taking Backups Using tar command in Linux and unix

The tar backup program is an archiving program designed to store and extract files from an archive file known as a tarfile. A tarfile may be made on a tape drive; however, it is also common to write a tarfile to a normal file.

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