Apache webserver tutorials

This is very easy and simple apache webserver installation and configuration,Name and IP based Virtual Hosts configuration,awstats configuration,webalizer,LAMP configuration,counter configuration and many more

Apache webserver tutorials

Monitoring Servers and Clients using Munin

Munin the tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in in graphs through a web interface. Its emphasis is on plug and play capabilities. After completing a installation a high number of monitoring plugins will be playing with no more effort. Using Munin you can easily monitor the performance of your computers, networks, SANs, and quite possibly applications as well. It makes it easy to determine "what's different today" when a performance problem crops up. It makes it easy to see how you're doing capacity wise on all limited resources.

Complete Debian Server Setup Guide or tutorials

This is atep by step tutorials how to setup Debian server this includes

Debian Installation
FTP Server Setup in debian
Webserver Setup in Debian
Samba Server Setup in Debian
Database Server Setup in Debian
Time clock sync for debian server
Mail Server Configuration in Debian
VNC Server setup in Debian
Proxy Server Setup in Debian
SSH Server Setup in Debian
tftp Server Setup in Debian
DHCP Server Setup in Debian
IPtables Configuration in Debian
DNS Server Setup in debian

Complete Debian Server Setup tutoria

Software patents

There has been a lot of discussion about software patents and how evil they are over the past months. Even without the insanities concerning RIM and those concerning "business methods," there has been a lot to really dislike.

But nothing has gotten my back up the way patents (in the US) have been distributed on mathematics.

No, I'm not kidding.

If you studied advanced algebra or calculus, you know that Fourier analysis is an important and often-employed method. It is based on the notion that complex wave forms can be approximated by a sum of sinusoids, each of a different frequency. There are a number of techniques that have been developed to perform analyses employing computers.

Election Chat

If anyone would care to chat online in IRC about todays election, feel free:

Server: irc.oftc.net
Channel: #DigitalCopyrightCanada