[discuss] Voice on Internet: Skype, Gizmo, Linphone, Ekiga, Wengo, oh-my..

A conversation started in the GOSLING general forum a little while
ago talking about how the Green Party of Canada (GPC) has recently added
pro-FLOSS policy. This is in addition to the pro-FLOSS stances they

[discuss] Health care/medical lockin by MS?

Ran across this interesting article in MIT's Tech Review, about a
medical software system that MS is developing quietly in Thailand, but
will then 'market' (i.e. FUD campaigns, etc.) to the rest of the

[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 32, Issue 11

References?! No problem. The internet is littered with the uptake of
linux, replacement of windows, etc. You can find many links to many
articles, mainly about schools, colleges and universities switching to

[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 32, Issue 10

I simply don't use windows or MS Office, and have never even attempted
to use Office under WINE etc. Complete waste of time. I have always
introduced linux, open office, etc. WINE isn't even installed. Works

[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 32, Issue 8

It will be interesting to see who, and how much/often the M$ licenses are used.

Personally, I'd like to treat M$ to a little of its own medicine. I'd
like to see a tax on M$ for every machine running M$, and royalties

[discuss] Met with Mr. Rajotte this morning, need more petition signatures!

I met with Mr. Rajotte this morning. Notes are at

If curious who else I have met so far, see http://flora.ca/mp.shtml
. If you can help set up a meeting with your MP, please contact me.

[discuss] Enlightenment et al.

Interesting points. However, there are many who think that Firefox is
just another M$ app/shareware/freeware/whatever ware and still know
nothing about FLOSS, unfortunately.

For example, I am typing this on a terminal at a public library on a

[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 32, Issue 6

Yes, I disagree! :-)

If you do not allow choice, and insist on M$ only, then
(a) you are promoting ignorance, much in the vein of banned books, etc.
by banning non-MS
(b) you are perpetuating the use of unethical, unaccountable policies, etc.

AWESOME was [discuss] MS dictating education in schools!

Many thanks to this list!

I received two very kind and generous offers to assist with my "school"
challenge as outlined in the email to this list (included below). Both
offers were beyond my wildest expectations. I'm going to keep the two