[discuss] [OT]: Web Development: Mozilla 24

Thought this might be interesting for some folks.


"Mozilla 24: A 24-hour worldwide community event

Mozilla is hosting its own conference on September 15 - 16th, taking

[discuss] Participez au projet parrains.linux

J'ai récemment créé ce site : http://parrains.linux.free.fr
C'est un annuaire de Linuxien(ne)s se proposant d'aider en personne celles et
ceux qui débutent ou qui progressent dans l'utilisation d'un système GNU/Linux.

[discuss] Linux Job in Mississauga/Oakville


[discuss] Startup Weekend Toronto - A Cdn FOSS Opportunity?

Hi all,

Startup Weekend is coming to Toronto* in mid-September, with the
express purpose of creating a Web 2.0 company in very short order:

"Create a new startup web company in 1 weekend, wind up owning a share

[discuss] The SCC discusses the adoption of Open XML as a standard

discuss mailing list

[discuss] RMS Speeches July 5th, 6th: Copyright vs. Community

Hi all,

Richard Stallman will be in Ontario next week talking about "Copyright
vs. Community."

Mississauga - http://www.fsf.org/events/20070705/view
Waterloo - http://www.fsf.org/events/waterloo20070706/view

[discuss] Microsoft patent protection(ist) deal and "Linux"

I see from a CNET article that, one by one, Linux distribution
companies are coming out publicly to clarify they have no interest in
"licensing" Microsoft's undisclosed (and likely invalid) software patents.

[discuss] Gov't (er, Taxpayer) funded Television and Proprietary Media Formats

yro.slashdot is running a story about the BBC getting into hot water,
compliments of the UK's Open Source Consortium.

Apparently the row is about BBC's failure to support media formats
other than Windows Media.

[discuss] Let your MP know about the Death by Copyright DVD

Please, take a moment of your time to write a letter to your member
of parliament to let them know about the DVD that Darryl sent out. I am
including a sample letter below.

Finding your MP's contact information is as easy as going to