[discuss] Quebec/Ottawa/Montreal Training Calendar for OOo/Linux/etc.

I was sent an email with a training calendar. I don't know anything
about the company, but I still wanted to send the URL I found on their
site with the table.


[discuss] Trustee Elections

I was wondering if anyone will be approaching their local trustees regarding open source initiatives and their use in schools?  Jason

[discuss] Government "Response" to Petition for Users' Rights

See links/etc via http://www.digital-copyright.ca/petition/

On November 25, 2005, we received a copy of a Liberal government
response (Dated June 6, 2005) to the 2'nd set of petition signatures

[discuss] I didn't know Maclean's was a humour magazine

Well, it doesn't claim to be. Yet this week's cover story, "The Internet
Sucks", is indeed unintentionally funny in a number of ways.

Indeed it seems that Macleans -- with its knee-deep entrenchment in Old

[discuss] Do we have CLUE/DCC supporters in the Ontario riding of Halton?

I am curious if we have members who are in the riding of Halton.


It seems the MP there, Garth Turner, is getting in trouble for -- gasp
-- openly blogging his views to constituents. While he is now going to be

[discuss] [Fwd: [CivicAccess-discuss] Call for participation - Government online and opensource software]

I am forwarding this so that the CLUE and GOSLING community members
can help by filling in the survey. We want to ensure the survey
includes a "diversity of people and computing environments in Canada",

[discuss] The calm before the copyright policy storm.

(Please circulate!)

It may seem that we are waiting for a bill to be tabled, and then we
all come out of the woodwork to let the government know what we like and
dislike about the bill. The problem is, once the bill is tabled, most

[discuss] GOSLING members interviewed for CTV's Tech Now

This afternoon Mike Richardson http://www.sandelman.ca/mcr/ and I
http://www.flora.ca/russell/ were interviewed by a reporter for CTV's
show Tech Now http://www.cjoh.com/technow.asp . Tech Now airs as part

[discuss] Letter from James Rajotte, M.P. re: Information Technology owners


The following letter was received in the mail today from James Rajotte,
M.P., and chair of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and
Technology (INDU).