[discuss] IDC study concludes it will play a role in the life-cycle of every major software category

Curious what people think about this recent IDC study?

The real impact of open source

Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant:

[discuss] More patent nonsense from the US

From the new aggregator:

Seems that we who work on Open Source have encountered a US led campaign
to stop inovation.

GPLv3: Preserving four freedoms or "owner's rights"? (was: [discuss] Discussing: Torvalds' comments on GPLv3 committees refuted

On 8/14/06, Etienne Goyer wrote:
> Don Kelly wrote:
> > Russell seems to expect some protection from restrictive software via
> > use of GPL licensed software.
> Correction : restrictive /hardware/. And that is the crux of the

[discuss] [Fwd: [users] Calc - saving in .xls with password protection?]

I thought this effort by one individual to be of interest.

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[discuss] Understanding objections to GPLv3

While we don't need to all agree, we still need to understand the
various positions in the debate. We need to differentiate between where
people disagree, and where people are misinformed.

[discuss] More feedback on: Toronto School shuts down Linux lab

This is a story that seems to continue to get feedback that ITBusiness
is publishing. This indicates both an interest in the story by readers,
but also by ITBusiness editors as they don't publish every letter written.

[discuss] Linux on my iPod

Hi folks,

I'm an engineering masters student at UOttawa studying cryptography and
related fields. I've come to subscribe to this list because I often find
myself with various CLUE-esque things to discuss that don't always fit

[discuss] Linux in Japan update

Have returned from Japan with 2 linux magazines in tow (in Japanese,
of course! :-)). Will discuss after I have had some time to digest
some of it, but suffice it to say that linux is doing well in Japan...

[discuss] Discussing: Torvalds' comments on GPLv3 committees refuted: Looking for feedback.

Since there is quite a bit of misinformation (or at least
disagreement) about the GPLv3 and the process around it, I thought it
would be useful to attempt to engage the CLUE community on this issue