[discuss] New version of O Canada ;-)

Unfortunately, this is becoming all too true...;-)


* May the Source be with you...;-) *
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[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 34, Issue 3

And I trust most people on this list have seen this? ;-)

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[discuss] Copyright Bill

For what it is worth, I'm posting the reply I received from my MP,
Gary Schellenberger. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has
received a response from their MP, and if so, is it a copy of this
probable 'feel good' form email? :-)

[discuss] Coming Canadian Copyright Bill

I called the Office of Mr. Prentice, and I am currently writing a letter
for local newspaper. One problem I have is: what's the name of the damn
bill ? I have looked on digital-copyright.ca, on the page of Michael

[discuss] Asus eeePC violates GPL?

I'll be watching this story.


It is frustrating to see this, but suspect that it will turn out to

[discuss] Public debate

Well, the man must be reading my mind...;-)

Although he cleverly couched it in typical vague politician speak, at
least it is on the radar and a matter of public debate, in the U.S.!

[discuss] Politicians et al.

I will continue to use M$, since I find it completely appropriate.
What you meant to say is that YOU considerate it whatever...

Re: politicians
Well, seems not only politicians in other countries are doing a better

[discuss] When the relevance is revealed.. software public policy, not software acquisition.

I would like to describe a moment in my meeting with Dr. Colin
Carrie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry.

He was discussing the need for balance between various interests, and

[discuss] Canadian politicians

Sorry, forgot to edit the subject again.

And again, if other politicians in other countries, who have just as
many issues, etc. to deal with, seem to be able to understand and
implement much better policies, etc., despite their bureaucracies,