[discuss] Needing some info on some MPs I will be meeting in a few weeks.

For the Week of March 19'th I have 3 MP meeting set up so far. While I
know Charlie Angus well, I'm wondering if people can help me learn a bit
of background of two other MPs. I figure if I know a bit more about these

[discuss] [Fwd: Comments in ISO/IEC JTC 1 on Microsoft's OOXML Revealed to be Strongly Negative]


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From: andrew.updegrove@gesmer.com
Subject: Comments in ISO/IEC JTC 1 on Microsoft's OOXML Revealed to be
Strongly Negative
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 22:54:06 -0500

[discuss] CMEC:COPYRIGHT MATTERS! Some Key Questions and Answers for Teachers, CMEC

Your document "Copyright Matters" provides incorrect and/or misleading
information about the legality of copying certain kinds of software. The
document contains the following passage:

"Can teachers copy computer software for

[discuss] Copyright Matters

Teachers in Canada are reminded not to violate copyright with this publication.


However the section for Software Copyright is misleading. I have
pasted the relevant sentence below. It does not take into account Free

[discuss] Art Hanger (Conservative, Calgary Northeast) tables signatures for Petition for Users' Rights

I was watching Question Period on CPAC, and petition signatures came
next. At about 15:19 EST Mr. Art Hanger tabled signatures to our petition
that were collected in Calgary by Brett Wuth at a talk by Richard Stallman

[discuss] British Columbia Free Open Source Software in Schools

Hello this is my first post to cluecan discuss. My name is Robert
Arkiletian. I am an IT teacher (Python+Linux) in Vancouver BC. I am
creating a listserv for anyone who uses Free Open Source Software, in

[discuss] Policy discussion: Compulsory licensing of multimedia.

There is media attention about one of the areas where I have not been
able to speak on behalf of CLUE. Michael Geist has an article in the
Toronto Star today called "The Recording Industry's Digital Strategy Out

[discuss] Volunteers needed to help with Website.

There were many people who suggested in the past that various updates
to the website would help encourage people to become members. Our
Webmaster, G. Roderick Singleton, is currently working on upgrading out

RE: [discuss] Speculations about GNU/OpenSolaris

> Can anyone here see Red Hat or Novell or Canonical splitting
> their own
> R&D resources between multiple kernels? Does anyone see developers
> abandoning their Fedora or SuSE or Ubuntu communities for