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Kolab / Horde Workshop Report

Kolab / Horde Workshop Report - [Calgary Linux User Group]
The Kolab / Horde Workshop took place this past Saturday, and we all had a great time. We had 10 people come out, most with computers to setup on. We have a few pictures you can see in the Kolab / Horde Workshop gallery. As you can see, we had a couple new faces there, some past members, as well as some current members.

proftp web interface tools

Hi Guys,

I have seen only this website is having the list of proftp server web interface list. If any one wants proftpserver web interface or GUI you can check this link.You can use these tools to maintain your proftpd server easily.


Getting Started with SQL-Ledger Presentation Files

Getting Started with SQL-Ledger Presentation Files - As promised, here's the file for my SQL-Ledger presentation.

(note: the file is in OpenOffice 2.0 format) [Calgary Linux User Group]