Government Windows-only software

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The gov't of Canada requires exporters to report their export to Statistics Canada. They can do this on paper forms (yuck), or using Windows-only software:


[discuss] Dell Canada shipping computers with Ubuntu

(This has been posted to the ottawa-gosling list already. I apologize
to those who are getting this announcement multiple times, but it
seems important.)

It looks like Dell Canada is now offering Ubuntu pre-installed on

[discuss] Further discussion

While I do think your reasoning is sound, I am not sure the Copyright
Act is where these concerns should be addressed. A disposition that
enshrine reverse-engineering legality for the sake of interoperability

[discuss] The Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright : Should CLUE join in?

I would like us (CLUE) to discuss the possibility of signing onto the
position paper of "The Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright".


[discuss] Disturbing new DRM trend...

A new mysterious computer has popped up in my local library here in
southern Ontario. It's a Microsoft windows based machine, and its
purpose is supposedly to allow you to download 'free' audiobooks.

[discuss] Who will be going to the Linux Symposium (Possibly last in Ottawa for long time).

I received the following from Andrew, host of the Linux Symposium
http://www.linuxsymposium.org/ . This year it is in Ottawa from July
23'rd to 26th.

I have not submitted to host a Digital Copyright/GOSLING BOF as I did

Free Ontario

Hi folks! I'd like to invite anyone interested in participating to check out the Free Ontario initiative begin run by myself at http://therabidpenguin.blogspot.com. In a nutshell, I want to try stir things up a bit in Ontario and get the discussion around Free/Libre Open Source Software going among Ontario Politicians.

[discuss] An interesting answer to music industry IP aggression

If only...


- Evan


[discuss] NYSE

Also interesting to note that NYSE has joined the list of stock
exchanges moving to linux! :-)

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