[discuss] Linux in schools

Having used linux exclusively for the past 5 years in the TDSB, it
would indeed be VERY interesting to compare costs/support costs, etc.

For example (over 5 years):

My software costs: Zero
Board software costs: (if you can find someone who will admit what

[discuss] 16 September 2006: Software Freedom Day.

I'm just wanting to post this link in case people are planning anything.


It suggests that GOSLING is doing something, but I believe that was

[discuss] Dennis Dmitrovic/CA/Ecco is out of the office.

I will be out of the office starting 08/30/2006 and will not return until

I will be out of the office this afternoon and will NOT be checking e-mails
or voicemail. If you have an urgent IT request, please contact Andrew

[discuss] TDSB

Speaking as someone who has been trying (for years!) to spread linux
in the TDSB,
(and just had a linux lab shutdown), it is an uphill battle, to say
the least. M$ has a very solid grip on the decision makers in the

[discuss] TDSB $80M Deficit

Given the huge deficit that the TDSB is running, wouldn't it be nice
if we could bring to the table a proposal toward decreasing their
Technology spending via the use of FOSS alternatives?

Google: TDSB + deficit

[discuss] test of mailing list with mailscanner

Re-implemented mailscanner to cut the spam down. Hopefully. This message
is a test to see if the list accepts mail still.
G. Roderick Singleton
PATH tech

[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 18, Issue 29

> Remember that most native documentation is already in English, meaning
> that there is less need for third-party English re-writing than for
> Japanese-language. There is much that is bought in print in Japan that

[discuss] Open Source Guru: Time for 'Compromises'

I'm still wanting to keep conversations going where I can learn about
the mixture of people that make up our membership. I have my own (quite
strong :-) views on things, but if I am to represent the CLUE membership

[discuss] ISP suggestions?

I'm wondering if someone can provide a list of Canadian based ISP(s)
using linux, where I can setup an account for a shell account,
website, .ca domain name, etc.

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