[discuss] Top down FLOSS integration (was: FLOSS in the classroom..)

On 7/21/06, Janet Hopkins wrote:
> This was very much a top down initiative and teachers have just had to go
> with the flow. The IT management team was the driving force in our district,

[discuss] ITBusiness Readers weigh in on . . . Linux lab flap

ITBusiness Readers weigh in on . . . Linux lab flap

Just a FYI:


Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant:

[discuss] digests and replies

Many fascinating and compelling topics on this list lately. I have a
small suggestion to improve readability (for me, if not others) is that
we attempt to keep Subject lines relevant. This is trickiest for those

[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 17, Issue 18

> Don Kelly wrote:
> > Can the public acquire a copy of this document via Access to Information?
> I asked this as part of my questions to the Ottawa-Carleton district
> school board, and the answer I was given was Yes.

[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 17, Issue 19

Just a quick note about linux in Japan (Japan being the number 2
economy in the world after the U.S., as well as Canada` s second
largest trading partner, again after the U.S.). I write this from a

[discuss] Interview with Henry Spencer published

Just wanted to point interested parties to an interview with Henry
Spencer. If you don't know who Henry is, give it a read and find out.



[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 17, Issue 17

July issue of Linux Format has articles on MS Exchange substitutions,
articles on education, and Oracle for Linux! :-)

> Personally I think that a combination of IBM|HP+RedHat|Novell combo (in

[discuss] New Conservative procurement policy favors large vendors?

I've been a bit busy with other things, and while I've seen references
haven't spent the time to analyze the new Conservative procurement policy
which seems to favor large vendors over VARs and SME'.

[discuss] DRM and CLUE

I thought this link might be of interest.


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