[discuss] Open access to learning materials...Ontario Elearning is NOT!

In fact, to demonstrate just how out of touch the Ontario Ministry of
Education elearning "initiative" (lockin/restriction of learning
materials) is out of step with the rest of the world, take a look at

[discuss] formats, etc.

Well, why aren't they at least offering these materials in open
formats? What if a student doesn't have/can't afford M$Word? or
Powerpoint? or Flash for programming, etc.? If it looks like lockin,
it is lockin. The forthcoming generation of Ontario students will be

RE: [discuss] L'heure est au libre!: Vista, Network Neutrality, andCanadian Copyright revision...

> >> 'All Canadian Citizens are "Rights Holders"!'
> >>
> >> Does that mean I have no rights?
> I am not a Canadian, so you are implying that your web
> site has no
> relevance to me.

[discuss] Erosion of access to public information

main Flag I can see is that netscraft reports that
Is on a IP address that belongs to "22001 Loudoun County Pkwy
22001 Loudoun County Pkwy Ashburn VA US 20147"

The other site is shown as hosted in Toronto. "Bold Internet Solutions Ltd.

[discuss] Erosion of access to public information/education, etc.

Well, the M$ grip on the government of Canada/Ontario continues
unabaited, in fact, possibly even speeding up!

Take a look at this new 'e-learning' site by the Minister of
education. In all it's .aspx glory or lack thereof. What? You're a

[discuss] L'heure est au libre!: Vista, Network Neutrality, and Canadian Copyright revision...

(Sorry for this blatant promotion of something I'm doing ;-)

Monday Feb 5 at 11:00 EST on CKUT radio (90.3FM in Montreal,
streaming on the Internet, and archives within an hour), Lila Roussel

[discuss] Reuters: Novell could be banned from selling Linux: group

I'm wondering if anyone knows the source of the following Reuters


[discuss] OSDL and the Free Standards Group have merged to form The Linux Foundation

New Linux Foundation Launches - Merger of Open Source Development Labs and
Free Standards Group

The Linux Foundation is Born - Updated

[discuss] Cleanup of the user database

I will be starting to clean up the user database using the data we
collected from the mass mailing. This will be done on-line to ensure
that all tables that will be affected are correctly changed.

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