[discuss] Positive news on Linux at a local school [Was: Network assistance]

On 10/17/07, Monty wrote:
> And also, you might consider looking for linux gurus among the local
> student population.
> Despite M$/school boards/etc. attempting to keep students uninformed,

[discuss] Network assistance

Would love to assist, but I'm leaving for Japan shortly.
However, perhaps you could contact one of these organizations for assistance:


And Seneca college students are involved in setting up schools, etc.

[discuss] Inform both MPs and MPPs

Good point. However, here is a direct quote from the Infoway website:

"Members are Canada's 14 federal, provincial and territorial Deputy
Ministers of Health. Infoway is Canada's catalyst for collaborative

[discuss] MS dictating education in schools!

I am particularly concerned with the following statement:

"While there is no technical issue, the school board will not allow
non-Microsoft software to be installed. Like many school boards, they

[discuss] MS cornering Canadian health care?

Having read this recent article:

Which leads to this corporation, full of glitz and .aspx files:

[discuss] Who will be at onLinux?

Hoping to chat with people. I didn't set up a formal event to do a
Digital Copyright/GOSLING/etc update as is done with OLS, but figure
that anyone can just grab me in the halls to chat.

[discuss] Demonoid Aftermath: An Open Letter to the CRIA

Hash: RIPEMD160

For those interested in such issues:


Fabian Rodriguez - FSF Member #3877, FACIL founding member

[discuss] Recent activity on the Petition to protect Information Technology property rights

(Please circulate)

Please read http://www.digital-copyright.ca/petition/ict/blog for
updates. We recently received a copy of a government "response" to our
petition signatures, and I was then interviewed for an article in IT

[discuss] [OT]: Help Atomic OS (Security) with an email

Hi all,

Yesterday, while researching Web OS related topics, I came across the
GNUCitizen[1] site. The site focuses primarily on security issues and
after some browsing around, I came across an interesting little

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