[Volunteers] URGENT!! Help with protection

G. Roderick Singleton gerry at pathtech.org
Mon May 1 20:04:09 EDT 2006

Today and earlier, the drupal database that we use for cluecan was
damaged. From the logs this looks as if it was a hack attack. I would
like some ideas, hints and tips to protect this resource.

Here is an example from the logs:

php2006-05-01 16:44Can't open file: 'node_counter.MYI'. (errno:
145)gerrydetails warningpage not found2006-05-01
16:44minideb/cbb_0.74-1_all.deb not found.Anonymousdetails
user2006-05-01 16:43Session opened for gerry.gerrydetails
errorphp2006-05-01 16:43Incorrect key file for table: 'node_counter'.
Try to rAnonymousdetails warningpage not found2006-05-01 16:38clic not
found.Anonymousdetails warningpage not found2006-05-01 16:36case-studies
not found.Anonymousdetails warningpage not found2006-05-01
16:35taxonomy_menu/4/7/26 not found.Anonymousdetails

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