[clue-volunteers] Proposed Linuxworld brochure

Evan Leibovitch evan at cluecan.ca
Sat Apr 22 10:22:26 EDT 2006

Colleen Beamer wrote:

>The two column version is *much* better.  I don't know that I am thrilled with the fold going through the middle of the graphic, but I don't know what can be done about that and still have the page look good.
The other possibility is to use the CLUE logo as a "watermark", very 
faint and the text just runs over it.

>However, this is to point a couple of small grammatical errors. [...]
Again, thanks for this. I've come to take as a truism that no writer is 
immune to some good copy-editing. It's IMO one of the big flaws of blogs.

>Sorry for the nitpicking, Evan.  The text is actually *wonderful*, but we want the brochure to be professional and nothing bugs me more than something that is supposed to be just that, but has typos and grammatical errors in it.
If it bugs you it will bug others; this is exactly the kind of feedback 
I was hoping for. Please don't apologize, this is exactly what was needed.

>Sure, open source is about constant improvement and catching bugs, but that doesn't apply when you're trying to "sell" or "pitch" something.
I think it was Linus who coined the phrase "given enough eyes, all bugs 
are shallow" (or something like that). Of course he was referring to 
open source code, but it equally applies to flaws in design and 
language. John found a typo that snuck through the spellcheck because I 
had written "he" rather than "the". Computers won't catch that kind of 
thing but people will.

>Sorry, if nothing else, I'm brutally honest!  :-)
Don't change! (Besides, this process was hardly brutal.)

- Evan

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