[clue-volunteers] Quick intro

G. Roderick Singleton gerry at pathtech.org
Tue Apr 11 13:44:15 EDT 2006


My full name is Gerry Roderick Singleton and I am the current CLUE
webmaster and a developer for the new CLUE web site,
http://old.linux.ca/ Please try it out.

One of my tasks is to implement a drupal/ecommerce module for
InternetSecure. If any of you are familiar with drupal/ecommerce and/or
InternetSecure, please email me so we can co-ordinate efforts. I am
trying to get this in place for LinuxWorld.

Some of you already have tasks that will affect the new CLUE webpages,
if you need access please email me so this can be enabled.
G. Roderick Singleton <gerry at pathtech.org>
PATH tech
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