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Colleen Beamer colleen.beamer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 17:58:14 EDT 2006


I'm Colleen.  I certainly don't have the background of some of our more
illustrious cohorts.  I started using Unix back in 1994 when I was the
weekend systems operator at a local hospital.  Then, I got a temporary
position as system operator that ultimately let to a full time
position.  Both these positions were very junior when it came to systems
operation and any knowledge gained was the result of "on the job" training.

My first exposure to Linux was in late 1998 when a friend introduced me
to it.  Although I tried it, I had only a 486 at the time and I found
the gui too unbearably slow, so gave up until 2000 when I got a better
computer.  Since then, I took a basic Unix course to help give me a
better foundation, since my previous experience had not required that I
delve too deeply into the file system.  Since then, I have never looked
back.  I've tried various distributions, but now run Gentoo on my home

I am eager to do whatever I can to help promote Linux, no matter how
menial.  My biggest Linux claim to fame to date is that I wrote the
handbook for Krecipes, a KDE recipe management program.


Colleen Beamer

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