[adopt] Re: Adopt an NGO?

G. Matthew Rice matt at starnix.com
Tue Jun 8 19:37:41 EDT 2004

Iain O'Cain <iocain at netity.com> writes:
> I've just heard from the Edmonton Linux user group list that you're
> trying to establish a network of consultants to help NGOs.  Across
> Canada, I guess?
> Have you got this organized to any extent, or are you just looking for
> potential interest?  I'd like to see NGOs and other nonprofits benefit
> more from free, open source software.  I help out the occasional small
> organization around Edmonton.  Good for you, organizing something on a
> larger scale!
> Interested to hear more,

Hi Iain,

You definitely want to join the 'adopt' mailing list:


I've also CC'ed Noah on this.  He is taking the lead on this project and will
definitely be needing help at the national and local levels.

I've also CC'ed Bill Traynor.  Bill could you put the adopt list on the

As for potential interest...I'm assuming that every LUG [and BUG] will have
one or more consultants will to carry the banner.  That raises a good point,
though.  Maybe we shouldn't limit it to LUGs [I was also including Python
groups, perl mongers, ...].  There are many areas with no LUGs but possibly
containing consultants that would be interested.

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