Groklaw coverage of HLUG event

The popular Groklaw website, which has been following the SCOGroup lawsuits against its partners and customers, has provided a review of last week's Hamilton event with which Bob Young, Ren Bucholz and Peter Salus. Groklaw had earlier promoted the event.

About halfway down in the comments is an interesting and informative addendum to the origial report.

My own personal thanks go to Ron Harwood and the HLUG gang for staging such a well-run event, and to Peter Salus for coming up with the idea. I'm happy that the meeting topic went well beyond the specifics of the SCO case, as there are many current issues in Canada (such as the new government's approach to copyright) that require attention.

HLUG Special Event February 1st with Peter Salus

HLUG Special Event February 1st with Peter Salus - This Groklaw article discusses a meeting in Hamilton:
Peter Salus, Bob Young, owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, digital publishing, founder of The Center for the Public Domain, and co-founder of Red Hat Software, and EFF's Policy Coordinator, Americas, Ren Bucholz will be the guests at the Hamilton Linux User Group on February 1st. The topic of the panel discussion will be Linux v. SCO and the relevant freedom issues and legalities.

5722 Votes

5722 Votes - Parkdale-High Park - 190/190 polls reporting

Peggy Nash - 20690
Sam Bulte - 18489

In 2004, Sam Bulte won Parkdale-High Park by 3521 votes. By shifting 5722 votes (more than any Toronto riding), I suspect that the copyright balance and fundraising issue played a role in the outcome.

While some will focus on the role of bloggers, the real story here (in addition to a strong NDP candidate and the national decline in Liberal support) is that Canadians, represented in this instance by the voters of Parkdale-High Park, sent a clear message that they are not comfortable with politicians who unapologetically trumpet their links to lobbyists, who promote one-sided copyright policies, and who denigrate those opposed to such views as zealots. [Michael Geist]

Election online chat: tell us what you think about the election.

Election online chat: tell us what you think about the election. - If anyone is wanting to chat about the election with fellow Digital Copyright activists, please join the channel #DigitalCopyrightCanada on
If you know of other chat locations or BLOGS, or want to offer your thoughts about the election, please add a comment. (Note: For those who have posted off-topic comments elsewhere, I'll leave off-topic comments attached to this posting. I will only edit for legal issues or inappropriate language for a public website accessed by all ages).

About the CSIA

Note: A new website has been launched at This is a historical page from 2006.

A Voice for Open Source

Interview: Dru Lavigne, BSD Certification Group

Interview: Dru Lavigne, BSD Certification Group - The BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) is a non-profit organization established to create and maintain a global certification standard for system administration on BSD-based operating systems. After a year of work, the group behind the BSD Certification project plans to complete the process for the first certification (BSD Associate) in the first half of this year, with the first exam to be available by the second quarter. We interviewed Dru Lavigne, BSD advocate and creator of the initiative. [Newsforge]

Globe and Mail: Liberal MP's fundraiser causes controversy

Globe and Mail: Liberal MP's fundraiser causes controversy - This Globe and Mail article by Roma Luciw about Bulte's fundraiser tonight contains this gem:
"I will not be silenced by zealots like Michael Geist and political opportunists like Peggy Nash who are making something out of nothing," she said, adding that she believes Mr. Geist's comments are nearing the point of being defamatory.
"I am not going to sue him before the election but dammit, watch me after the election."

Kolab / Horde Workshop Report

Kolab / Horde Workshop Report - [Calgary Linux User Group]
The Kolab / Horde Workshop took place this past Saturday, and we all had a great time. We had 10 people come out, most with computers to setup on. We have a few pictures you can see in the Kolab / Horde Workshop gallery. As you can see, we had a couple new faces there, some past members, as well as some current members.

A Web pioneer lays out the drawbacks of American-style copyright laws

A Web pioneer lays out the drawbacks of American-style copyright laws - Canadian science fiction author Cory Doctorow wrote an article in the Toronto Star which includes:
As well as being a writer, I'm a partner in a copyright-based business whose server is located in Toronto, not far from Bulte's riding. Boing Boing is the daily blog I co-edit; it gets about 1.7 million readers a day. We rely on copyright to protect our income, but we also need copyright to get out of the way when we quote, excerpt and include stills from other websites in the course of reporting on them.