State in India moves 1.5M students to Linux

Given the accounts on this site about the approach of Canadian politicians educational officials towards open source in the classroom, it's interesting to see what's happening elsewhere. A recent announcement indicates that the Indian state of Kerala is expediting a move to completely replace MS-Windows with Linux in its 12,500 high schools, serving about 1.5 million students.

Education Ministers' Copyright Proposal Needs a Rewrite

Education Ministers' Copyright Proposal Needs a Rewrite - As thousands of children across the province return to school tomorrow, nearly everyone will be asking "what did you do this summer?" If the question were posed to Education Minister Sandra Pupatello, her candid reply might be that she was working with her fellow Provincial Ministers of Education on reforms that will have damaging consequences on Internet use in Canada.

US Supreme Court to hear "sw patents vs open source" case

Opponents of proliferating software patents who see them as a threat to open source software may finally get their day in court--the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case involves two brake pedal manufacturers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a legal advocacy group, has filed a friend of the court brief in the case of KSR International v. Teleflex. The two parties will be arguing whether Teleflex has patented the right to put electronic sensors on brakes. The EFF has signed on to argue that the U.S. Patent Office's increasingly loose grants of patents is hurting innovation in many fields, such as electronic brake sensors, but that it's particularly worrisome for open source code development.

The rest of the story is at Information Week.

Free Software & Open Source Symposium 2006

2006-10-26 08:30
2006-10-27 17:30

FSOSS: Open Source is changing the way we think about computers, culture, education, and even politics. We invite you to join the discussion about open source and its derivatives, as we gather the architects of this change at Seneca College for the 5th annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium.

Letter to Re: proposed changes to government procurement policy

The following letter was sent in reply to CATA appoints government relations exec to take on procurement.

CATA is dealing with problems that are similar to those experienced by Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) companies. The government wants to skip intermediaries when procuring products that originate from a single source, but seem to forget the value added by these intermediaries. What ends up happening is that if the single source is a vendor that also offers related services that the government is effectively bypassing procurement policy intended to protect competition.

Hoosier Daddy? Indiana Schools Adopt Linux

Considering the matter of Toronto schools and access to FOSS, it was interesting to see this Information week article on Indiana switching more than 20,000 students to Linux.

More CopyCamp information

The CopyCamp website has been updated with answers to many questions, providing more information for those thinking of attending this event in Toronto from September 28 to the 30'th. This event will bring together people from the arts community, the Free/Libre and Open Source Software community, and others interested in creativity and copyright together in one conference. The full list of questions includes:

  • What is CopyCamp?
  • What is an unconference? What is a camp? Is this one?
  • Who is running CopyCamp?
  • Is it free? Is it expensive?

FREE: Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference

2006-08-24 08:30
2006-08-24 15:00

Event Invitation received from RTCGroup.


There is a one-day Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference on August 24th at the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport from 8:30am-3:00pm and we invite you and your associates to be our VIP Guests.

BSD, The Best Software Program Ever Written: InformationWeek

While the InformationWeek article does talk about Unix/Linux in general as the top entry of its 12 greatest software programs of all time, it singles out BSD4.3 as the heart of the system's greatness and global significance.