Introduction: Russell McOrmond, CLUE policy coordinator

I have been invited by the executive to be a policy coordinator, working for CLUE in Ottawa. My focus will be on the federal government and federal policy, but will also be collaborating with other CLUE members on other levels of government as well.

I have been a self employed FLOSS consultant under the company name of FLORA Community Consulting since 1995.

I became more directly involved in policy work in the summer of 2001 with that round of copyright reform consultations. I started a forum called Canada-DMCA-Opponents which later became the Digital Copyright Canada forum. Most of my blogging is on on my personal BLOG on that site.

I am the co-coordinator for Getting Open Source Logic Into Governments (GOSLING Community), and on the advisory board for The Forum on Privatization and the Public Domain. I am also the founder and host for FLORA Community Web which has been a part of the community networking community since 1995.

I have a very strong interest in the public policy aspects of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) ranging from procurement, Copyright/Patent reform, to democratic reform. I consider FLOSS as a form of "Access to Information" requirement that ensures accountability and transparency for software that implements public policy.

Where Lawrence Lessig suggested in his book "Code and other laws of cyberspace" that "Code is Law", I take this further and suggests that "Law is Code", and spend most of my time hacking this type of code.