An Introduction

Let me introduce myself to the CLUE community. My name is Jim Elliott and I am the advocate for Open Computing (including Linux and Open Source) at IBM Canada Ltd. (which covers Canada and the Caribbean). I have been working pretty much full-time on Linux since mid-1998. First as the launch manager for Linux on IBM mainframes for the Americas and then since January of 2002 in my current role.

My web site is at where you will find copies of presentations I have made at public events recently on Linux and Open Source.

I have been with IBM for nearly 33 years, and in the business for a couple of additional years. While my role today is very much an advocacy role, I have in the past been an application and operating system developer as well as a sysadmin and field technical specialist.

While much of my time today is spent working with individual customers on Linux projects, I do a lot of public speaking for IBM Canada (and IBM US) on Linux and Open Source. If you would like me to come and speak about Open Computing and Linux at your LUG, you can make a request at the IBM Canada Speakers Bureau.

Regards, Jim Elliott