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I am forwarding this message in case there is interest with any of
the people in this list to work on this project.

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Subject: [fsfc-discuss] FSF Canada - Call for action.
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 11:08:49 -0500
From: Fran?cois Gagnon
To: fsfc-discuss@gnu.org

Hi everyone.

Since I joined this mailing list, I read a few messages coming from
newcomers and old members. It seems to be the general consensus that
doing something with the FSF-C is crucial, that we want to do it, but
that the timing is not appropriate right now.

We are wrong.

Not totally wrong, though. I personally think that the implementation of
the FSF-C is a priority, and that I want to participate. I mean that we
are wrong by thinking that this is not the right time.

We need the FSF-C.

We need to form, now, the Free Software Foundation - Canada. More
importantly, we have to take the leadership in matters of software
freedom in Canada.

We need to have a serious discussion about our mission.

While we work towards the official creation of the FSF-C, we will have
to elaborate a precise mission statement. I trust our open minds and
respectful discussions to lead us there.

We need to spread the word, and coordinate this movement.

We all come from different places. We all probably already participate
in some sort of activities to promote software freedom. This is what
makes the strength of this movement. Let's spread the word about the
FSF-C, in order to take the leadership without stealing any spotlight,
attract members without interfering with allies and friends, and work
twice as hard for our common cause


Reply to this message. Absolutely!

And tell us how you are willing to participate. Don't be shy : Everybody
here has a job/a main ooccupation and therefore cannot care about this

I suggest questions that would be important to answer, as a group.
- What do you think should the FSF-C's first mission? first priority?
charity status?
- What do you think should we keep away from?
- How do you think should we externally organize the FSF-C? with the
FSF? with already existing groups?
- How do you think should we internally organize the FSF-C?
- Moreover, what can we concretely do for the cause of software freedom?


I am eager to hear from you, and to work with you on this project. I
will try to manage your responses the best I can, and will provide my
input soon!


François Gagnon

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