[discuss] Mail Filtering

Hi Everyone,

After seeing how much junk mail kooljet gets, I subscribed to a mail
filtering service offered by Bluehost called Postini. It's supposed
to help diminish the amount of junk mail, phishing scams and other
threats that users get in their email. I paid for 4 accounts for a
period of 2 years (the length of the Bluehost service -- so about $98
altogether). I chose the following accounts:
genestampfer@kooljet.com, jdwasir@kooljet.com,
mariestampfer@kooljet.com and info@kooljet.com. We can add other
accounts later if this works out. Postini says that it will take up
to 24 hours for the filtering of email to begin.

Hope this helps.

Chris Jezovnik
Open Computing
29 Brock St. W.
Tillsonburg, ON N4G 2A3
Office: 519-688-0299
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