[discuss] Dell Canada shipping computers with Ubuntu

(This has been posted to the ottawa-gosling list already. I apologize
to those who are getting this announcement multiple times, but it
seems important.)

It looks like Dell Canada is now offering Ubuntu pre-installed on
several of their machines. Although I wasn't able to find a press
release, they are now listed on Ubuntu's Dell page
(http://www.ubuntu.com/dell#canada). See also the forwarded message

This is good news for anyone that has been trying to convince their
friends or politicians that Linux is not a toy that only geeks can
use. It used to be that I had to tell people to buy an Eee PC or
other non-mainstream computer to get Linux (unless they wanted to go
through the hassle of buying a Linux machine from Dell USA and
shipping it to Canada). Now that Dell Canada is shipping Ubuntu on
some models, perhaps people in the government will start considering
FLOSS more often in their decisions. Of course, lots of educating
still needs to be done.


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Dell has had this offered to US and Euro customers for a while, but
now it is available in Canada too.


It is $100 more on the Canadian site than on the US site. Given the
1.5% exchange, this is a lot in my opinion. Otherwise, it is nice to
see them supplying some choice to their customers.


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