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While I do think your reasoning is sound, I am not sure the Copyright
Act is where these concerns should be addressed. A disposition that
enshrine reverse-engineering legality for the sake of interoperability
(and/or other non-infringing purposes), sure. But the manufacturing and
distribution of hardware? I do not know, it seem out of place in this case.

Don't get me wrong: it is capital that we protect the right to make, buy
and distribute hardware that have legitimate non-infringing purposes. I
am just not the Copyright Act is the right place to do that. But then,


Bill a écrit :
> Hi,
> Continuing the discussion further, I have severe reservations
> about the way in which anti-circumvention will be implemented
> under the BCBC proposal. Compare the quote below against the
> Betamax decison. It comes up short, because it targets
> manufacturers, effectively giving the entertainment industry
> control and regulation over the development of hardware and
> software. As a voice for linux, open and free software,
> we should advocate for guarantees concerning reverse
> engineering and the manufacture and distribution of 'products'
> that have legitimate uses even if those products are used
> occasionally for infringement purposes as VCRs have been for
> decades. Anything else is a sacrifice. I don't think the
> exerpt below is strong enough.
> b.
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> • Technological Protection Measures (TPMs): Rules against the
> circumvention of effective technological measures that are used by
> rights owners in connection with the exercise of their rights must not
> prohibit Canadians from engaging in non-infringing activities. Rules
> prohibiting circumvention of TPMs for copyright infringing purposes
> should, if at all, only target persons who manufacture or traffic in
> services or devices whose primary purpose is to permit circumvention on
> a commercial scale or to the material prejudice of rights holders.
> Sufficient limitations and exceptions to such anti-circumvention rules
> must be ensured so as not to impede fair dealing, ongoing innovation and
> research in Canada. We otherwise risk harming emerging Canadian
> industries and exposing Canadian businesses and consumers to unnecessary
> and costly litigation
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