[discuss] The Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright : Should CLUE join in?

I would like us (CLUE) to discuss the possibility of signing onto the
position paper of "The Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright".


Paper is at:

It would be helpful if CLUE members/supporters would voice their
views, and then from this the executive can make a decision.

I have read the policy. While I have questions around "Making
available and distribution rights" which I added to the BLOG, I am
otherwise in agreement with the statements.

- Statements about fair dealing, TPMs, and ISP liability are
consistent with our existing policy statement.

- We didn't discuss "making available and distribution" in the past,
but with some clarifications I believe we can sign on.

- The statement on "private copying" is more consistent with what
other members of CLUE think of than my own personal views (I'm not
against compulsory licensing in general. See:

- Avoiding liability for technical processes follows from our past
discussions of time, space, device and format shifting -- in this case
extending the same sensible policies to larger entities (Broadcasters
communicating from copies on hard disks rather than original physical
media, ISPs caching/indexing, etc)

- The section on "Penalties to fit the behavior" is something I
believe we can all agree on, given the act currently treats as identical
for-profit commercial "pirates" and non-profit single moms whose
children share.

Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant:
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"The government, lobbied by legacy copyright holders and hardware
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