[discuss] Copyright Bill

For what it is worth, I'm posting the reply I received from my MP,
Gary Schellenberger. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has
received a response from their MP, and if so, is it a copy of this
probable 'feel good' form email? :-)

12 December 2007

Mr. Ed Montgomery

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your email message of 8 December 2007 regarding the
issue of copyright reform.

In the Speech from the Throne Our Government made it clear that we
"will improve the protection of cultural and intellectual property
rights in Canada, including copyright reform." We take this issue
very seriously, and I appreciate hearing from constituents such as
yourself who take an interest in this subject.

As you know copyright reform is complex, and Our Government wants to
strike the right balance. Our Government wants to protect the rights
of creators and rights holders.

Our Government knows it must quickly move forward with the reform of
copyright legislation. After careful analysis of existing legislation
and consultations with stakeholders, we anticipate that the government
will be able to introduce a bill in the near future.

Industry Canada and Canadian Heritage have taken into account the
concerns of interested parties and we want to ensure that every aspect
of reforming the legislation will be properly analysed. We have
looked closely at measures taken by other countries and will determine
if they are suitable for Canada.

A bill will be introduced when the Minister is satisfied it strikes
the right balance between creators and consumers. Like you, I look
forward to seeing this bill when it is ready and taking part in a
fulsome debate on the subject in Parliament.

Thank you again for contacting me in regards to this subject. If I
may be of further assistance to you on this or any other matter,
please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Mr. Gary Schellenberger, MP
Perth—Wellington GS/dc