[discuss] Coming Canadian Copyright Bill

I called the Office of Mr. Prentice, and I am currently writing a letter
for local newspaper. One problem I have is: what's the name of the damn
bill ? I have looked on digital-copyright.ca, on the page of Michael
Geist and on the CRIA web site, and I cannot find the proper name or
number of this bill. Hence, I do not know the proper designation to use
when talking about it to various parties.

Evan Leibovitch a écrit :
> I don't know if this has been mentioned here before, but...
> Fighting the coming Canadian copyright bill is the single most important
> act of advocacy anyone involved in free software can do right now. The
> proposed bill, if it becomes law, will be worse than the US DMCA and
> severely entrench DRM in a way that will significantly impact users of
> open source and free
> software.
> Please get involved. At very least be informed. This affects YOU and
> anyone whom you intend to introduce to FOSS.
> www.digital-copyright.ca
> http://www.michaelgeist.ca/
> - Evan Leibovitch
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