[discuss] Politicians et al.

I will continue to use M$, since I find it completely appropriate.
What you meant to say is that YOU considerate it whatever...

Re: politicians
Well, seems not only politicians in other countries are doing a better
job (rather than suggesting that it is their constituents fault,
etc.), but many areas in the U.S., home of M$, are waking up:


It appears we'll be lagging behind not only third world countries, but
also first worlders as well, supposedly because of lack of constituent
support?! A savvy politician would be investigating this (or his
staff, etc.), and implementing it and crowing about it.

Seems that everyone but Canadian politicians, who have the power to
implement changes, are asleep at the switch, or are being
'encouraged/discouraged' by certain entities (see above), or any other
variety of excuses.
SIgh. Guess I'll have to wait until the next crop of politicians, who
will finally wake up and realize the rest of the world has passed them
by, and how could this have happened, that we are wasting millions,
while others save and redirect millions, etc.
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