[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 33, Issue 11

On Nov 20, 2007 8:57 PM, Monty wrote:
> > How much do you know about immigration law? How about TBS guidelines
> > for shipping yards? Why aren't you an expert in all the areas of policy
> > which these politician need to know a bit about, while you expect them
> > to be experts in the software marketplace?
> >
> If I knew that we could save untold millions of dollars, which could
> then be used in better ways, I would consult experts in those areas
> and be moving pretty quickly on it. Are you aware of millions of
> dollars being used in immigration law or TBS guidelines, or anything
> else, that could be better spent?
> Again, how much 'expertise' does it take for:
> "You pay x$ to M$ for MS office, for example". You could do the same
> for 0$. And we are sending how many millions upon millions to M$ for
> the past several DECADES? Hmm...

That's such a gross oversimplification it makes me gag. It still
costs money to maintain the systems and if it costs more for a Linux
systems administrator than a Windows, you have to take that into

Don't get me wrong, I agree that the cost of the software itself is
important. But it's impossible to have a rational conversation about
this sort of thing when you totally ignore other costs.

Please stop using "M$" to refer to Microsoft. It is childish and adds
nothing useful to the discussion.

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