[discuss] Meeting with Dr. Colin Carrie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry

A quick update to the meetings I have had with federal MPs on PCT
(Patent, Copyright, Trademark, etc) and FLOSS related policy issues.

List of MPs I've met or spoken to so far

Meeting with Dr. Colin Carrie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister
of Industry

If your MP isn't on my list, please help me to arrange a meeting.
This is especially important if they are a member of one of the key
committees or other important MPs
http://www.digital-copyright.ca/important_mp , but given these rolls
change over time it is important that we talk to every MP.

I am also in the process of setting up another meeting with the folks
at the Department of Canadian Heritage

Reply letter from the office of the Minister of Canadian Heritage

A new copyright bill is expected to be tabled before Christmas. We
don't know what it says for sure yet, but out best guesses is that it
won't be much better than the Liberal Bill C-60. We need to make sure
that as many parliamentarians as possible hear the full story, not just
the "truthiness" that they are hearing from the various US-based special
interests (including the USTR, USPTO and US Ambassador who often make
false statements).

Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant:
Please help us tell the Canadian Parliament to protect our property
rights as owners of Information Technology. Sign the petition!

"The government, lobbied by legacy copyright holders and hardware
manufacturers, can pry my camcorder, computer, home theatre, or
portable media player from my cold dead hands!"
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