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Just thought I'd throw this in for those who might not be aware of it.

The most powerful computers in the world, known as the Top 500, has
just released its November 2007 list.
As usual, more than 76% of the world's best computer systems run linux! :-)

(More than 76%, if you add in other variations, rather than just
generic 'linux'! :-))

As for Canada, well, we have 5, near the bottom of the list (our best
is number 391 in the world...sigh). Four of them run linux, the other

For general info:

Hmmm...runs on everything from cell phones, to the world's best
computers...hmmm...might be important to Canada, Canadians, education,
health care, etc.hmmm.

And speaking of health care, an interesting new health system has just
appeared on my radar...:-)
Although many others are starting to pop up:
As well as the venerable, open source, world famous worldVistA:

Anyone know if ANY of this is being used in Canada, saving much need
funds for better use in other areas? Or are millions more being sent
to: MS, courtesy of our manager/politicians?

As for a site I would HIGHLY recommend for politicians/business
people, etc., if they are serious about becoming 'leaders', among
others, would be:

As for that highly 'successful' company MS, you might want to
reconsider that, after doing just a LITTLE more research(e.g. MS
investments aiding in Sudan slaughter, for example?):

Or how about these, for a highly 'successful' corporation:
Yes, it's just 'too difficult' for MS to ethically invest, etc. Guess
they don't have enough money to do that...

MS free for years, and lovin' it. :-)
Ed Montgomery
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