[discuss] Participating in OLPC's Give One Get One program

I'm participating in OLPC's Give One Get One program, and made my
donation/purchase already this morning

Is anyone else doing the same? I'm also curious if any of the people
on the OLPC developer program hang out in this list?

I have a meeting coming up next week with Colin Carrie, parliamentary
secretary to the Minister of Industry, and it would have been
interesting to have the laptop at that time. I know it won't be here by
then, but will for the next MP meeting. It will form part of the
discussion of how peer production techniques that were really launched
by the FLOSS community are expanding beyond software and beyond the
"Industrialized" countries.

Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant:
Please help us tell the Canadian Parliament to protect our property
rights as owners of Information Technology. Sign the petition!

"The government, lobbied by legacy copyright holders and hardware
manufacturers, can pry my camcorder, computer, home theatre, or
portable media player from my cold dead hands!"
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