[discuss] GPC

I recently voted for the GPC, mainly for their support of one
publicly-funded school system. However, I am even more intrigued now
by their footsteps towards FLOSS. I suggest, that as always, it is
simply a matter of educating the policy makers, etc. I have yet to
find a need for any non-FLOSS software, yet accomplish everything I
wish to do much more efficiently than those using COTS systems. I
would agree with the U.S. Navy Research and Development and
Acquisition Policy site, as an example, that now very successfully
uses FLOSS CMS systems, and has been educating those who have been
brainwashed to be fearful of FLOSS ( a commom affliction apparently, a
genuine epidemic of FUD, but slowly being cured, thanks to educators
of FLOSS! :-))

And if you REALLY want to test those VOIP systems, perhaps you can try
to contact me, since I am currently on the other side of the planet,
in Japan, at the moment! :-) Let's see how they handle that kind of
latency! :-)

P.S. Personally, I prefer email above all other methods, since it is
at both the convenience and leisure of the sender and receiver, etc.
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