[discuss] Health care/medical lockin by MS?

Ran across this interesting article in MIT's Tech Review, about a
medical software system that MS is developing quietly in Thailand, but
will then 'market' (i.e. FUD campaigns, etc.) to the rest of the
world. Notice a pattern here? Canada discussing a national medical
software system (though health care is provincial, etc.).

If you think medical care is expensive now, wait until MS locks in the
medical community with:
(from the article:) "Financial terms were not disclosed."

How much are the various provincial medical systems sending to MS now?
Any guesstimates on this?

I think we should be evangelizing/requesting, perhaps demanding more
attention to:

As luck would have it, there is an article about Peru deploying an
open source web-based medical info system today posted on
linuxmednews, (including costs, unlike the above mentioned MS system):

Open source medical record system OpenMRS used in Peruvian web-based
laboratory information system. The program is doing well and is
looking to expand to institutions who care for over 3.1 million
people. Cost US$0.53 per sample.
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