[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 32, Issue 11

References?! No problem. The internet is littered with the uptake of
linux, replacement of windows, etc. You can find many links to many
articles, mainly about schools, colleges and universities switching to
linux by browsing my blog:

Here's a couple of examples (especially at the end of this article,
links to other schools in other countries, etc.:

Here's 16 pages of businesses, organizations, etc. who have switched to linux:

If you'd like more, just ask! :-)

I.e. the problem is indeed an educational one...specifically, many
users are M$ brainwashed, due to excellent brainwashing/deceptive
advertising/marketing/FUD campaigns, etc. and deals with corrupt
politicians/school board officials/etc. They 'Got the facts' from M$,
rather than the real, changing world.

M$ users need to realize the world is changing to people who
understand, value and pursue freedom...and have no problem changing to
truly free (in all senses of the word) systems. M$ users who refuse
to change are just stuck in their old ways, afraid of change,
uncomfortable with change, etc. I don't worry so much about them.
I'm more concerned with the up and coming new generation. And from
what I see happening around the world, I'd say Canadian children are
falling behind due to lack of M$ alternatives, ignorance about
alternatives, exposure to freedom, etc.

Canadian children will be at a disadvantage in an open source world,
having been forced by bought bureaucrats/politicians to only
use/study/non-modify/ unchangeable/dictated/corporate controlled
systems in schools.

> I had an interesting argument with my wife on Monday.
> She mentioned that she had an acquaintance form a previous job who was out of
> work and needed a computer to be able to search for work, keep up to date etc.
> She suggested that I could use an older computer that I have installed Ubuntu if
> I re-installed Windows ("which she is used to"). Of course it originally ran a
> Windows OS version (NT 4.5 was latest) so I do have the install disks for that.
> But I suggested that instead of using an obsolete version of Windows which would
> not be useful for her and probably cause her a lot of problems, I could install
> the latest Ubuntu with Open Office, Firefox, etc. and she would be much better
> off. My wife would have none of it, saying that her friend who is not at all
> technically sophisticated, would find it to difficult to use something unlike
> the Windows she was used to at work. That argument ended in a huff by both sides
> at that.
> So how does one suggest that a naïve Windows user would be much better off
> with an up-to-date Linux machine than an obsolete Windows version. What I want
> is studies and papers, not opinions. Without indisputable facts, that we can
> sell to management and the woman in the street, we are not going to change the
> status quo.