[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 32, Issue 10

I simply don't use windows or MS Office, and have never even attempted
to use Office under WINE etc. Complete waste of time. I have always
introduced linux, open office, etc. WINE isn't even installed. Works
for me and all the people I have contact with. Using Windows is a
complete waste of time, IMHO, and more and more people are finding
that out. Why prolong it by saying "here, use this FLOSS app on
windows", and then there are those without knowledge, and/or ulterior
motives who state blithely: "oh, look, the computer isn't working.
It's probably due to that free software stuff. Wipe it out. Probably
a trojan horse or virus attached. Yep, that FLOSS stuff is no good."
So, in contrast to your experience, my experience is that students
should be completely windows free, i.e. I start with linux and go from
there. Has served me well for many years. And seems the same
experience applies in other enlightened parts of the country/planet,
judging by all the schools/districts/etc. who have switched. I'd say
your experience is based on those who have ulterior motives to not
switch to linux.

> I stopped regularly attending the OCLUG meetings in Ottawa, and being
> a member of the mailing lists, as there was a large number of "Linux"
> people who knew nothing about FLOSS, and were far more interested in
> learning how to install Microsoft Office under WINE than they were
> learning about FLOSS. This was/is not unique to the Ottawa Linux Users
> Groups, and I'm told is also common in some of the BSD user groups.
> It is *FAR* more FLOSS-friendly to get people running Thunderbird,
> Firefox, OpenOffice.org on Windows than it is to have someone running
> Microsoft Office (including Outlook) on a Linux desktop. Applications
> have that "second hand smoke" effect of impacting how easy it is to
> interact with other people, but operating systems (and especially
> kernels) do not.
> There is a "path" to enlightenment (assuming FLOSS enlightenment is
> your destination), and from experience I've come to learn that switching
> operating systems first isn't part of that path. I believe that the
> operating system is the last piece of the puzzle to change, and when it
> is the first it is less likely to make any difference as far as people
> learning about FLOSS.
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