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It will be interesting to see who, and how much/often the M$ licenses are used.

Personally, I'd like to treat M$ to a little of its own medicine. I'd
like to see a tax on M$ for every machine running M$, and royalties
paid to FLOSS developers and/or GNU, etc., somewhat akin to the tax we
pay on blank media, which supposedly goes to artists, etc. Something
to dream about...:-)

And incidentally, why should one second of my life be wasted using M$
systems, dealing with the innumerable problems, etc., because of a
decision by a bureaucrat?
I'm the instructor, and I'll choose the OS/software/etc. to be used,
thank you very much.
Personally, I have no problem with people choosing to use whatever
floats their boat (although I hope they will be 'enlightened ;-)' and
see the errors of their ways, so to speak). But I have a great deal
of a problem with idiots who impose a closed, unaccountable, corrupt,
problem-plagued system on others, due to their ignorance, gullibility,
corruptibility/bribeability, etc.

> So, if M$ can use it all they like, then I should have the choice of
> NOT using M$, etc.
> It is appalling to think that corrupt, incompetent bureaucrats are
> removing this choice/freedom from educators who wish to truly educate
> ("enlighten, shall we say, to use your term :-)), their students. F
> > I am sure that the folks who have had "Firefox" recommended to them to use in place of Internet Explorer have learned valuable lessons about FLOSS, admittedly at little effort to themselves. Must one climb the mountain in search of enlightenment? If so those who are enlightened will be a small Cadre of Guru like people, and the economy will always be shackled to the old ways.
> >
> > ...
> > > Many will not know there is a difference, and you are
> > > allowing FLOSS work to be
> > > exploited by M$, etc. I personally do not want any of my
> > > work used freely by
> > > M$.
> >
> >
> > Think back 20 years, what about all the folks who found salvation running GNU Unixlike utilities on various closed Unix boxes. How many sun, Hp and Data General boxes over the years had GNU ls, GNU less etc etc installed as they were better than the utilities provided by the computer maker?
> >
> > Once you release something on the GPL, M$ can use it all they like. They do have to provide the copyright notices, so they are in a position where they are admitting that the FLOSS way is good.
> >

> * May the Source be with you...;-) *
> A recent announcement from the Open Source Initiative describes
> Microsofts' two new - OSI Certified - Open Source Licenses - the Ms-CL
> and Ms-RL:
> http://opensource.org/node/207
> The "Truth Happens" video from Red Hat makes a great chaser.
> http://www.redhat.com/videos/ourfilms.html
> (3rd video from the bottom, left-hand side)
> --
> Scott Elcomb
> http://www.psema4.com/
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