[discuss] Positive news on Linux at a local school [Was: Network assistance]

On 10/17/07, Monty wrote:
> And also, you might consider looking for linux gurus among the local
> student population.
> Despite M$/school boards/etc. attempting to keep students uninformed,
> news travels fast and like the internet 'routes around' any attempt to
> prevent students from learning about something. There are probably
> expert linux high school students in the area who could help out.

This is indirectly related, hence the new thread.

I've recently been volunteering time with a School here in Hamilton.
It's been wholly related to the installation of software for a Windows
image, but I've been surprised a couple of times by the faculty:

The Principal of the school is not terribly computer literate. She
knows enough to operate M$ Word and, generally speaking, Windows and
M$ Office applications. She doesn't know Linux herself, but she
_knows people_ that do.

The Teacher that I'm directly working with _runs_ Ubuntu at home and
is familiar with the basic concepts behind FLOSS.

On the surface this doesn't speak for the local School Board or
anything but still; it's a promising sign, IMO.

Scott Elcomb
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