[discuss] Startup Weekend Toronto - A Cdn FOSS Opportunity?

Hi all,

Startup Weekend is coming to Toronto* in mid-September, with the
express purpose of creating a Web 2.0 company in very short order:

"Create a new startup web company in 1 weekend, wind up owning a share
of the enterprise, meet some great people in both your own field and
beyond, have a great time and even have the chance to have YOUR idea
become the focus for the new venture. What is the value of an original
share in Google, Facebook or MySpace worth now?"

The idea is that everyone shares concepts, knowledge, and the choosing
of the product. Since there will be a heavy reliance on technical
folks - many of whom run in FOSS circles - I'm left with thinking that
this might be an opportunity to create a Canadian FOSS startup.

I know there's no way to guarantee it'll be a FOSS product or company,
but I'm curious what might be done (and/or considered) in order to
encourage such.

TIA for your comments and suggestions!
- Scott.

* http://www.toronto.startupweekend.com/

Scott Elcomb [ http://www.psema4.com/ ]

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