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back on induction....

If i do a small amount of cardio e.g 30 - 40 mins Bike; after - the endorphins
seem to flow and i don't feel too bad. However, if i do resistance training i
seem to feel really drained of energy and i am overcome by a generall feeling
of unwellness.

After resistance training today (feeling drained)i went and ate a low carb
breakfast, which seemed to pick me up but throughout the day i have still felt
pretty shitty...

Help anyone? I know this post is prob a bit vague but im hoping its just a
common hurdle that people know about...........


> for the liberals.


After we bomb North Korea, what's the next country we should invade?

"Iran. Though that's the beauty part of Iraq: It may well not be
necessary. Because precisely what I'm saying with nuking North
Korea-despite that wonderful peace deal Madeline Albright negotiated
with the North Koreans, six seconds before they feverishly began
developing nuclear weapons. They're a major threat. I just think it
would be fun to nuke them and have it be a warning to the rest of the

I'm gonna say I could take Ray Romano. Just 'cause I really want to. Here
are my faves from the above page:

The Onion: Who could you take in a fight?

Conan O'Brien: Let's see, who could I take in a fight? Definitely Ruth
Bader Ginsburg. Have you seen her? Her upper body is very frail. I think I
could take her if she was sleepy and I had a two-by-four. She'd go down

The Onion: Who could you take in a fight?

Emo Philips: Hawking, Reeve. Not at the same time.

ironcladlou, keeper of faq, bringer of poop humor

"You are a pitiful excuses for a human beings." - tzakol

I was wondering what is the best way to find out the person to whom a coat
of arms was granted. I have a list from Burke's Armory of Perry/Pery Arms
that were granted (about 15 in total) but most of them don't say which
particular person the Arms were granted to, although I know one or two of
them. I have found one of the families in the Herald's visitations, but it
doesn't say to whom the arms were granted, is the earliest person in the
pedigree the original bearer of the arms? I realise I can apply to the
College of Arms, but I was hoping there would be a slightly more inexpensive



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Remember Friday, April 2 is Prevention's National Walk to Work Day.

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