[discuss] Art Hanger (Conservative, Calgary Northeast) tables signatures for Petition for Users' Rights

I was watching Question Period on CPAC, and petition signatures came
next. At about 15:19 EST Mr. Art Hanger tabled signatures to our petition
that were collected in Calgary by Brett Wuth at a talk by Richard Stallman
in Calgary on May 18th, 2005 : The Danger of Software Patents.


I will add references to the Hansard tomorrow once they are available
online. It will also add another reference to "Copyright" in the search
of Hansard for this session.


As you'll notice, most references in Hansard thus far are in reference
to our petition.

I recently wrote an article on The importance of Petitions to Parliament

Please help us ensure that we can continue to have an increasing number
of MPs tabling signatures for us, so that parliament can't ignore us as
they move forward on revising copyright.

Thank you.

Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant:
Please help us tell the Canadian Parliament to protect our property
rights as owners of Information Technology. Sign the petition!

"The government, lobbied by legacy copyright holders and hardware
manufacturers, can pry my camcorder, computer, home theatre, or
portable media player from my cold dead hands!"
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